Rescued Art


Frame: 30″ H x 24″ W. Drawing: 24″ H x 18″ W. Original, signed fine art portrait in charcoal pencil by (Emma) Jean Wallace. Artist signed on the back of the piece. A photo of the signature is included.

Wallace earned her MFA at SUNY Albany and grew into a well-respected artist with shows in Asia and Europe. She is also known for her copper metal sculptures.

This portrait is of an early 20th century Ashkenazi Jewish gentleman from the Shtetl of Russia/Poland. He could easily have been a character from the play “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Note the very friendly, humane tone of the man’s face. Wallace’s bold and exacting strokes make him seem in the room, not on paper at all. A very attractive and rare piece of art. (We assigned this title for easy reference.)

Excellent condition throughout: drawing is perfect with no fading, newly surface mounted on mat board with frame spacers, refinished composite frame, new backing board, backing paper, and hanging hardware.