Rescued Art


Frame: 29″ H x 38″ W. Drawings: 24″ H x 17″ W. Original, signed fine art renderings in charcoal pencil by (Emma) Jean Wallace. Wallace earned her MFA at SUNY Albany and grew into a well-respected artist with shows in Asia and Europe. She is also known for her copper metal sculptures.

Renderings here are of two famous historical paintings. On the left, we see the Wallace vision of the late 18th century Swiss artist Henry Fuseli’s “Study for Self-Portrait.” On the right is Wallace’s take on a legendary Albrecht Durer painting “Head of an Old Man, 1521.”

These Wallace renderings are, in certain regards, more dramatic and magnetic than the famous originals. Look at the psychic depth revealed in those faces. Framed together as a diptych, they are even more powerful.

Excellent condition throughout: drawings perfect with no fading, refinished (reinforced) hardwood frame, new mounting board, backing board, frame spacers, backing paper, and hanging hardware.