Rescued Art


29″ W x 38″ H. Pencil-signed lithograph by famous “social realism” artist Ben Shahn. Piece is dedicated in Shahn’s own hand to his friend “Tom.”

Shahn was born in Lithuania, but spent most of his art life in the US. He died in 1969 and left behind a legacy of friendship and respect among great artists of his day. Shahn is most famous for his 23 gouache painting series of the infamous Sacco & Vanzetti trials.

This piece served as a promo poster for the annual classic arts festival in Spoleto, Italy. It is subtitled “Festival Dei Due Mondi” because of its twin festival in Charleston, SC. It depicts a traditional jester, but in a way so sensitive we feel his humanity.

The paper has taken on some foxing as a normal result of hanging on walls for 58 years. It only adds to the vintage look and is best not seen as a “blemish.” Refinished metal frame with new hanging hardware.

Note that this print is often offered at auction for up to $500, and those are not pencil-signed as is this piece.

**No FedEx service on this piece due to its delicacy. Free pickup or delivery within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs, NY.