Rescued Art


25″ W x 38″ H open edition print by LeRoy Neiman who was known for his images of athletes, musicians, etc. When Neiman died in 2012, he was perhaps the most popular artist in the entire US. This poster announces a show at the New York Jazz Museum running from August to November of 1973. The sepia tones of this print look amazingly clear for a piece that is 47 years old.
Do you know why the great saxophonist Charlie Parker was called “Bird?” It is said a car he was riding in ran over a chicken, or yardbird as they are known in the South, and Charlie stopped to retrieve the dead chicken and had it cooked for supper! And how about John Birks Gillespie, why is he called “Dizzy?” Seems he was into wild antics on stage, so people tagged him as dizzy.
Both are famous for creating the bebop style of jazz that features creative improvisation. Dizzy’s trumpet once got bent by accident and he became famous for his bent bell for the rest of his career. Unfortunately we lost Bird at the age of 34, after a long struggle with drug addiction.
We were given this wonderful antique piece by an aging jazz drummer who asked us to find it a new home. We reworked it into excellent shape and hope someone will appreciate its historicity and sepia beauty.

Excellent condition throughout: cleaned with refinished frame, new backing paper and hanging hardware