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“I have purchased quite a few works of art from Rodney, both for my own home and as gifts; I have never been disappointed. All arrived quickly, very carefully packaged and in great condition, ready to be hung. Rodney is not only a trustworthy seller, but I also have been able to find beautiful and unique works of art, pieces with soul, for about the same price that I would pay at a big box store.” ~ Inese Lovelace

We save art from dusty places: thrift stores, garage sales, attics. Our expert eye guides us to original, vintage, and limited editions. We join the grand tradition of pickers to recycle beauty.


We enjoy studio bench work  to make sure frames, backing, and mat are in excellent condition. Our many years of artisan and craft experience add real value to each piece.


We bring abandoned, damaged art to a state of elegance. If we had a brick and mortar store, all our sales staff would wear tuxedos.


Stories About How We Saved Art From Dusty Places

We write about our encounters with thrift store staff, yard sale pickers and the artists of the pictures we rescue. Stories make art more valuable! Just click on “Rescued Art Stories” above or pick a title from the gallery pages.

Watch Rescued Art Guy Perform Stories and Teach Saving Skills

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Fine Art Print by George Xiong
"A Summer's Rest"



Rescued Art

Almost 65,000 views on our YouTube video, but it may be time to move on. Here is a comment from a viewer: "This guy is creepy. He looks like he is dead. Who in their right mind would take advice from this weirdo.""All people deserve art" We save beautiful art from dusty places: thrift stores, estate sales, friends' attics. We use our expert eye to find original unscho... ... See MoreSee Less

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Rescued Art

This is one of our favorite rescues in a long while. "A Summer's Rest" by George Xiong. Water, clouds, people, dogs . . . all waving together. See this soft scene at ... See MoreSee Less

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Rescued Art

What a wonderful original watercolor by Marie Schlecht. Read the Rescued Art Story. Enter a bid! ... See MoreSee Less

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Rescued Art

Take a look at this rare, eerie, and beautiful print titled "Cavalier of the Apocalypse" at: ... See MoreSee Less

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